notts activist wellness is a community organisation dedicated towards self-care, self-preservation and community support in nottingham and nottinghamshire

Running since 2018, Notts Activist Wellness has been hosting events, workshops, protests and has been fighting gentrification and studentification in working class Nottingham areas.


With previous events such as Gig4Grenfell and Poetry4Grenfell and annual events like Notts Queer Pride, Notts Activist Wellness brings fundraising and community support to Nottingham and beyond.


Notts Activist Wellness is a company limited by guarantee, but does not receive any funding and is not-for-profit with no members receiving a wage. Any money raised through Notts Activist Wellness goes directly into community support.


We are currently running a fresh fruit and vegetable referral scheme with a Nottingham charity for people with no recourse to public funds, we run UK Mutual Aid a national support network for marginalised people, Notts Queer Pride an annual festival and Notts QTIBIPOC Wellness which is on hold until its safe to meet again and host a social group.